As two time World Champions, six time National Champions and reigning Olympic Champions, it seems all too simple for us to express our gratitude for it all: the ups, the downs, the successes and experiences along the way. More than anything, though, we’re grateful for what it all means and it has little to do with our medals.

With supportive parents guiding us from the start, we’ve taken so much more from our time on the ice than athletic skill and accolades. The lessons we’ve learned about hard work, character, respect, goals and perseverance are what we’ve come to value most.

Along with positive role models and opportunities that have afforded us an appreciation of the meaning of success, we’ve developed a strong desire to share our insights with the hopes of inspiring others. The goals we set on the ice, learning to get up each time we fall and to persevere with the help of those around us all helped us reach Olympic Gold, but we know these important ideals certainly transcend the world of sport.

In sharing our collective experiences and understanding, we hope to encourage others to reach their potential on the field of play and off. On the ice or the soccer field, in the classroom or in business, we believe that success and, more importantly, fulfillment ultimately come down to a healthy mindset.