In its second appearance at the Games, many of the details of the figure skating team event remain a bit of a mystery to the casual fan. Simply, the “team event” is distinguished from the “individual” figure skating events in that final result and podium placements are based on the collective point totals earned by each nation’s representative in their respective events. Thus, it is entire teams standing on the podium and winning medals rather than individuals or couples. With 10 countries to start, each nation selects a representative or representatives for each discipline’s short program. Countries may earn 1-10 points per discipline based on results. For example, 10 points for first, nine for second and so on. Only the five countries with the most points after all four short program segments may advance to the free program. Once the free programs for each discipline are complete, points are tallied for each of the five remaining countries and determine the overall result. Simple, right? Sort of…..

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